About us

We are a company that produces and grows chamomile since 1967.

There is a great work team composed of highly skilled professionals such as food technology engineers, farming engineers and biochemists who contribute to put the Company at the top of the international and national market.

Our main purpose is to obtain a product 100% natural, according to the environment.

Our product grows regarding the best agricultural practices without using agrochemicals.

Our broad trajectory and experience has lead us to design our own production line.

The main purpose is to combine nature resources along with technology and trained personnel to obtain a different product, for personal use or consumption as to for exportation.

Argenmilla is committed to:

| To endeavor clients’ satisfaction to keep the Company growing.

| To stablish relationships among agricultural producers to promote integrated chamomile chain according to the Good Cropping Practices (GCP).

| To plan, develop and apply a Biodiversity Plan among our suppliers to promote a better preservation and protection of it and its usage regarding the sustainable growth.

| To pay special attention in suppliers’ doubts regarding the Company relationships.


| To maintain a fluid communication with our personnel, clients and suppliers to improve our Food and sustainability system of security. To create and maintain good relationships throughout trust, transparency, equity, socially and environmental responsibilities for suppliers.

| To fulfill legal and statutory purposes, such as our clients’ requirements regarding quality, safety and sustainability.

| To develop and enhance the ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’ and the ‘Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) system implemented for maintaining good hygiene as an important way to prevent any infection among products in the plant.


| To ensure the impartiality, transparency and fairness throughout the Company in order to exercise the correct commerce among suppliers and clients.

| To assure that the operating personnel must be familiar with the policy and must be trained in food security, sustainability and efficient work activities.

| To assure the company’s entire personnel conditions and labor rights (such as racial, gender and religious discrimination, to ban child labour, to stop labour abuse, to ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements, among others).

| To contribute in the economic improvement, social and environmental status, thus the interest and wellness not only for the people who work in the Company but for all the people of the entire community.


Technical details

Matricaria Recutita L. Chamomile Recutita L and Matricaria chamomile, are sinonyms.

The Asteraceae is also called compositae. It gathers more than 23.500 species distributed in 1600 genres, nevertheless they are part of the family of richer angiosperms with great biological diversity.

Is an herbaceous plant, that grows every year; it’s an aromatic plant with a lot of branches and an upright posture that can reach from 30 to 90 cm long. Their leaves are sessile, opposed and the small floral strands are upheld by large stems with conical and hollow vessels.
Peripheral flowers are female and colored in white yet central flowers are hermaphrodite, tubular and yellow. 

Chamomile is a widely used medicinal herb due to its physico-chemical essential oils and Apigenina, both give it the correct properties to control and avoid stomach spasms. It also has an anti-inflammatory and sedative action. It stops several pains, it lows fever and it is anallergic and antiseptic.

Those manufacturing products made by chamomile are mainly infusions and drinks, essential oils and liquid and dry extracts. It is used for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and to elaborate cigarettes paper.

Main manufacturing products

The available production capacity allows us to have a great variety of products almost exclusively destined for export.
The main representative manufactured products are:

| Chamomile TBC (tea bag cut) or industrial powder (From a carefully chamomile grinding process)
| Chamomile Pollen (product from chamomile grinding and special selection process)
| Chamomile Whole Flowers

From Pergamino to the entire world

Demanding markets and clients around the world, mostly located in Europe and Latin America are the most important destination for our exports.
The continuous process of commercial and international growing has lead us to reach to the US and Asian markets, that is another great challenge.
Consequently, the quality and quantity of continuous production has facilitated us to increase demands among important Argentinian companies.
The Company is registered in the FDA. This certificates that the company is registered in Food and Drugs Administration along with The United States Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic amended by the 2002 Bioterrorism Act and the Food Security Update of FDA. 


The 20.000-square meters Company is located in Pergamino, Buenos Aires province, within a 6-hectare field where the production obtained is procesed in a range of 1,500 hectares per year.

The production techniques have been developed with extremely cautious and quality controls. The Drying process is made in automatic ovens which allow to regulate the temperature and the exposition time. The drying capacity is about 180.000 green kilos per day.

Fruitful Results

More than 50 years producing the best chamomile.

Contact us

  • Ruta 32, KM 0.600, Pergamino (2700), Argentina
  • +54 2477 431829 / +54 2477 435568
  • argenmilla@argenmilla.com.ar